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2016 - 2020

CH4 'The Yorkshire Jobcentre' looking at what life is like for both job seekers and staff
Minnow Films.
BBC 1 'Freddie Flintoff - My Bulimia and Me' 1hr documentary. A very open account by Freddie Flintoff of how bulimia affects his life, past and present. The 42 year old also questions why men who suffer from eating disorders frequently feel they need to conceal what they are going through.
South Shore Productions
BBC 1 'The Real Marigold Hotel' episodes 2 & 4
BBC & Netflix 'Win the wilderness' final episode of a new 6 part series where 6 british couples brave sub zero temperatures, wild bears and predators as they compete to win a home deep within the Alaskan wilderness. A man who was the last person to claim 5 acres of land under the American Homestead Act, prepares to give up his home of 35 years he has lived in with his wife, to a suitable heir.
Two Four.
CH4. 'The school that tried to end racism' episode 1 of a 2 part series which explores a ground-breaking school's programme that tests for unconscious racial bias in an ordinary class of 11 and 12 year olds.
Proper Content, David Dehaney
Winner of the ROSE D'OR 2020 for best reality and factual entertainment
CH4 'Secret Teacher' eps 2 and 3. New 4 part series which tries to tackle the complexities of an overworked, underfunded and struggling education system. A cast of 4 successful business owners - all of whom struggled at school, want to give others the helping hand they never had and go undercover as school support staff unbeknownst to the kids and nearly all the staff.
Two four.
CH4 'The Great British School Swap'. Episodes 1 & 2 of a new 3 part series. Year 8 and 9 pupils take part in an exchange which explores racial segregation. A white school and a mainly Asian school swap pupils in a radical experiment to see what happens when children from segregated areas mix for the first time.
Top Hat Productions. Martin Fuller
Nominated for Grierson award and Broadcast award 2019
ITV The Cruise, Ep 2 and 4; as the ship travels from Asia to Australasia.
Wild Pictures.
CH4 'Alone at Home' ep 1, follows sibling groups who's parents have gone away for a long weekend. Remotely operated cameras film around the clock to see what they get up to.
Electric Ray.
ITV '100 years younger', ep 2, celebrities try to turn back time by transforming physically and mentally without surgery.
Wall to Wall.
ITV 'The Death of Aimee Spencer' 1hr doc for Renegade, it follows brighton police and CID trying to solve what happened in the tragic death of Aimee, who fell from a 3rd floor window of a flat in Brighton.
ITV 'The Cruise Alaska' series editor of 3 half hour docs about cruising in Alaska.
Wild Pictures
CH4 'Animal House' 1hr doc observing people who attempt to have wild animals as household pets. It follows a couple in Russia who own a bear, in USA, a couple who have a wild buffalo and in Australia a woman who owns crocodiles that share her house.
BBC 2 'Obesity: How Prejudiced is the NHS' 1 hr current affairs doc. Professor Rachel Batterham explores whether there is a fat prejudice against some patients in the NHS which is stopping them accessing cost effective surgery, despite scientific research supporting it.
ITV 'The Nick' following the police in Brighton for the summer, Series 2, Prog 1
Renegade Pictures
CH4 'Escape to The Chateau' Dick and Angel Strawbridge continue their renovation of a French chateau
CH4 'Whizz Kids' 1 hr doc about kids trying to become the next Lewis Hamilton, following 3 very different families through the go karting ranks. Nominated for a RTS award for best sports documentary
BBC2 'In your ear' factual entertainment where contributors receive advice through hidden ear devices as they go through their daily lives trying to turn things around
CH4 'The Job interview', series 1, Lead Editor. It follows the interview process for real jobs being offered by real employers. A fixed rig captures the terror and triumph of the interview from both sides of the table where one will get a potentially life-changing job offer
Label One
CH4 'How To Get A Council House' Series 4, 1 hr about people who've come from abroad and have no option but to turn to the council for housing
Studio Lambert
Nat Geo 'Banged up Abroad' drama doc, first in the new series. In 1972 Jim PapRocki is co-pilot on a drug run to Mexico. All goes to plan until the cargo catches fire and they are forced to crash-land
CH4 'The Job interview', pilot; a fixed rig films candidates having interviews for real jobs. It landed a 5 x 1hr commission
CH4 'Supervet' following Noel Fitzpatrick who runs one of the most advanced veterinary practices in Britain
CH4 'Kitchen Impossible' Chef Michel Roux trains unemployed people who have a variety of mental health conditions with the hope they can get jobs in the industry
CH4 'Three Day Nanny' for Liberty Bell Productions
SKY One HD 'The Kings and Queens of speech', progs 1 & 3, new 8 x 60 series from Twofour that takes kids from schools across the country and helps them transform their lives through debating
BBC3 1 hr doc, 'Find a home for my Brother' Amal Fashanu goes on a personal journey to find out more about how we care for our loved ones with learning disabilities, in the UK as well as in the developing world. Firecracker films

2012 - 2015

CH4 'How to get a Council House', 2 x 1hr, series 3 looking at how the council in Portsmouth cope with lack of properties and a surplus of people,Studio Lambert
BBC2 Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen 'Cracking China' 1hr doc follows the designer on trips to China and Mexico as he tries to launch his business internationallyand take advantage of emerging middle classes, Firecracker films
Discovery 'Love the way you Lie'
New series, 2 x 1hr drama doc, Raw TV
CH4 'Undercover Boss' prog 1, Studio Lambert
CH4 'How to get a Council House' series 2, 1hr,looking at how the council in Tower hamlets cope with lack of properties and a surplus of people,Studio Lambert
BBC3 'Extreme Jobs' Prog 1, new series following adventurous cash strapped 18-24 year-olds who sign up for extreme and tough jobs abroad which can earn serious money, Boundless
BBC2 'The Restaurant man' Prog 1 of a new series where Russell Norman helps first time restauranteurs start their own business, for Twenty Twenty

'Elephant in the room'
Filmed and edited a 20 min film for charity 'Streets of growth' following some youngsters trying to keep away from a life of crime and the problems they face.
BBC2 'An Hour to save a life' 2 x 1hr of 4 part series about the science of medical trauma with an obs doc slant, Boundless
ITV 'Hunting The Doorstep Conmen' 2 x 1hr doc, Tiger Aspect
Nat Geo 'Locked up Abroad' 1hr drama doc, Raw television
Ch4 'Why don't you speak English?' 1hr doc following 4 immigrants to Britain who don't speak English. Love productions
BBC2 'The Great British Bake Off' for comic relief
ITV 'Caroline Quentin tours the National Parks of Britain' 2 x 1hr, Burning Bright productions
Nat Geo 'Locked up Abroad' 1hr drama doc for Raw television
BBC3 'Young Soldiers' 4 x 1hr Following 4 new infantry recruits for over a year, from when they join up through to some becoming soldiers and serving six months on the front line in Afghanistan. Lion television
CH4 'Country House Rescue' 4 x 1hr, Betty TV
CH4 '15 kids and counting'. Lion television


CH4 'Britain's Supreme Court'. 90 minute film, TrueStories strand. For the first time ever we see behind the closed doors of our justice system and follow some of the key cases which effect the future of our society. Put forward for Grierson award, Karen Hamilton productions
BBC4 'Plus ca change' produced and edited a film for Bernie Ecclestone celebrating 60 years of F1 racing, with interviews from former world champions intercut with archive, 60 mins for MSP
CH4 'How the other half live' a wealthy family decides to assist one that is living below the poverty line for RDF
BBC2 'Edwardian Farm' progs 1 & 2, as a follow up to Victorian Farm
BBC4 'Beautiful Minds' portrait of scientist James Lovelock
ITV 'Surgery School' prog 1 1hr, having already studied medicine for 5 years they start at the bottom in a long quest to cut it as surgeons, for Tiger Aspect
BBC2 'Victorian Farm', Christmas special, 1hr for Lion TV nominated for Broadcast award
BBC3 'Blood Sweat and Takeaways' 1hr, finding out where our food comes from for Riccochet, nominated for Bafta best factual 2010 and Broadcast award
BBC2 'Syrian school' 2 x 1hrs, progs 1 & 2 following the lives of various children through a year of school in Damascas, Syria for Lion
BBC4 'Jim Clark - the quiet champion' 1hr charting the life of the F1 racing driver for MSP
CH5 'Paul Merton in India' 2 x 1hr, progs 1 & 2 for Tiger Aspect
BBC3 'Blood, sweat and T.shirts' New series. progs 1 & 4 for Ricochet, finding out where and how our clothes are made in India, nominated for Bafta, best factual 2009 and a Broadcast award
BBC2 'China School', 1hr for Lion TV, following the lives of children through a year of school in China.(primary kids to University students). Nominated for a broadcast award 2009
BBC3 'Baby Borrowers on holiday' 1hr doc, episode 2 which won the Banff award 2008 for best youth programme. Love productions
BBC2 'The Choir revisited' 1hr doc update and overview of the series
CH4 'Bringing up baby' 2 x 1hr, progs 1 & 4. six families compare 3 very different methods in history of bringing up a baby for Silver river
BBC2 'The Choir' series 1, editor for all 3 progs.
I won a Bafta for my contribution in the best feature category, for Twenty twenty televsion

2004 - 2007

BBC3 'Roadkill Chef' 1hr, Fergus tries to change a towns eating habits, to turn them away from supermarkets to forage locally for Fresh One
Nat Geo 'Outbreak' 1hr drama doc about overcoming the Machepo epidemic in Bolivia in the 1960's for Lion TV
CH4 'Temples of Bling' 1hr on religion in Hip Hop
Nominated for Sandford St. Martin Trust Religious Broadcasting Premier Award
CH4 'White Men Can't Rap' 1hr hip hop doc
BBC Horizon 'Going for Gold' Are Britain ready to compete in 2012 ?
BBC3 'Baby Borrowers' for Love productions
CH4 'The Dark Side of Porn' 1hr about the phenomena of Snuff films for Lion tv
CH4 'River Cottage Summer Road Trip' 1hr special for Keo film
CH5 'Bride & Grooming' 1hr extreme makeover show
CH4 'Tales from Beyond River Cottage' Keo films
Discovery 'Atlas India' 100 mins doc. Shot on HD in early days of the format, about India for BBC Natural History Unit
CH4 'The Practice' 49 mins about Primary Care, focusing on alcoholism and Mental Health
CH4 'A Place in Crete' for Tiger Aspect
CH4 'Extreme Archaeology' 49 mins for Mentorn

2002 - 2003

BBC2 'Born Idle' 12 youngsters go to boot camp to get them back to work, 1hr doc.
Ch.4 'The Truth about Your Money' 49mins current affairs documentary for Lion Television Channel 4 "You Asking, I'm Dancing" 90 mins, the history of dance crazes for Lion Television
Channel 4 "You Asking, I'm Dancing" 90 mins, the history of dance crazes for Lion Television
Ch.5 'The real CSI', 1/2hr documentary, Lion t.v.
Ch.4 'Celebrity Wife Swap' 49 mins for RDF television
Ch.4 'The Greatest Trip on Earth' 49 mins, five people around the world make preparations for pilgrimage to Hajj, then filmed and edited on location 5 x 8mins daily shows followed by a 49 mins omnibus.
Ch.5 'Celebrity Detox Camp' 1 hour doc. four celebrities attempts at detox in Thailand. (for Ginger Television)
Nat. Geo. 'King of the Pyramids' 50 mins portrait of Zahi Hawass, director of antiquities for Egypt
Ch.4 'Celebrity Brothers and Sisters' - 49 mins doc. about sibling rivalry,Betty TV
Ch.4 'The Truth about Pensions' 49mins current affairs documentary nominated for RTS award

1999 -2001

Channel 4 Kumbh Mela
'The Greatest Show on Earth' Senior Editor,
BAFTA nominated for editing as best factual documentary 2002 52 mins overview of the religious festival.
Nat Geo. U.S. 'Karen Davies - Unfinished Business' 50 mins doc. of photographer Karen Davies travelling in India & Pakistan for MSP
Channel 4 Politics isn't Working - "More Unequal than Ever" 52 mins doc. examining the division of wealth in Great Britain for Lion Television, nominated for current affairs RTS award
Discovery 'Legal Action' 2 x 52 mins docs edited on location following San Francisco legal department
Channel 4 Kumbh Mela 'The Greatest Show on Earth' BAFTA nominated for editing as best factual documentary 2002 and winner of Sandford St. Martin Trust Religious Broadcasting Premier Award.
50 mins documentary;preparing for the religious festival, followed by daily coverage of the festival edited on location in India covering 3 weeks of 8 min nightly transmissions.
BBC 1 'Feel The Need' - Children in Need
Nat. Geog. 'India Diaries' documentary series 5 x 26 mins with travel writer Mark Shand and photographer Aditya Patankar
ITV 'Surviving Formula 1; Ken Tyrell', 52 mins charting the life of race team manager Ken Tyrell for MSP
Nat. Geog. & Carlton 'Return to the Wild' documentary series 3 x 26 mins for Café Productions
Channel 4 'Real Time Apollo' - 'Calling Earth' 1/2hr documentary celebrating the 30 year anniversary of landing on the moon for RDF

1997 - 1999

Discovery 'Uncharted Africa' 6 x 1/2hrs for Café Productions
BBC 2 'Food and Drink'
BBC 2 'Correspondent'
FIA French Grand Prix & Monaco awards
MTV 'Music Awards'
Channel 4 'Wanted'
ITV 'Crazy Cottage' (series 1 and 2)
Ch 4 Global Sports
Cinema Bond film trailers
Cart net various promos
BBC Teletubbies